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Milky Nilki Soap Bar

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  • Milky Nilki Soap Bar
  • Milky Nilki Soap Bar

Milky Nilky Soap Bar is a bright & uplifting green tea based soap bar, freckled with lemon zest and embedded with little ruby coloured gems throughout.



- Combat dryness and promote healthy glowing skin

- Great moisturiser due its soothing properties


- Added for natural exfoliation


- High in antioxidants which can aid in preventing skin sagging

- Can help to remove dirt and dead skin cells

All of these soaps are made via traditional cold process method with at least 50% olive oil and are cut by hand so size and weight may vary. Bars can weigh between 150-180 grams. 

* Vegan-friendly

* 100% cruelty free

* Palm oil free

* Free from synthetic dyes, pigments or fragrances

* Ingredients: Saponified coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, kaolin clay, coconut fragrant oil, fig fragrant oil, coconut milk powder, desiccated coconut.

* Designed and handmade in Melbourne by Vee.p