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So-Called Vegans XL Quote Candle

So-Called Vegans XL Quote Candle Loading...

Ignite your senses with this So-Called Vegans XL Quote Candle by Damselfly! 

Then this is the candle for you, with the amazing multiple scents for your nose and a great quote for your eyes! 

This scent is Delilah: Breathe out, then wander in this moody blend of cedarwood, hyacinth, burnt fig and cassis. Like a dark forest for your senses.

TOP: Burnt Fig

MIDDLE: Cedarwood & Hyacinth 

BASE: Cassis


• Non-toxic soy based wax, hand poured in Australia 

• Up to 80 hours burning time

• 2 x natural lead-free cotton wicks

• Diameter - 10.5cm Height- 12.5cm

• Net weight - 400g

* Designed and made by Damselfly in Australia