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Large Rice Sheep Toy

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  • Large Rice Sheep Toy
  • Large Rice Sheep Toy

Your SuperCool Kid will hug this Large Rice Sheep Toy so hard, they may never let go! 

1 sheep, 2 sheep, 3 sheep…zzzzzz! Rice Sheep Cushion is the sleepiest sheep of all, probably because he has spent the whole day in Ricetown growing lots of fruit and veg. Ricewool loves to take little naps in the shade during the day with his sister because farming is exhausting! Ricewool has long soft white fur, big grey ears and a grey embroidered face!, he is the perfect pal for trendy little-ones. At 37cm tall he is also a great addition to nurseries, bedrooms and sofas.

* CE certified for newborns plus 

* Made from soft fibres

* Embroidered face

* Cold Machine wash

* Size: Approx 32 x 37cm

* Hand finished in the UK

* Designed by Noodoll in UK