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Nice to meet you! I am a vintage Rocket Designer lamp for boys of 45 and men of 5. I come with an adjustable remote control: 3W LED in 16 exciting colors. And to suit your mood I am dimmable.
Made of a high-quality polyethylene, which is unbreakable, safe for kids, doesn’t lose color, fully recyclable and easy to clean. Including LED lighting, 16 colours, remote control. The white light gives a “warm” white glow.


Rocket Lamp is made of a high-quality polyethylene, which has many advantages:

  • * unbreakable
  • * doesn’t lose color
  • * fully recyclable
  • * easy to clean


Including LED lighting, adjustable with remote control.

  • * 3w
  • *16 colours
  • * dimmable


The Rocket Lamp has an adaptor to fit our Australian sockets.



  • in mm: 246 x 246 x 466 mm (DxWxH)

Country of Manufacture: Netherlands (Europe)