TheSuperCool and TheSuperCool Kid is looking for 1 Casual Retail Sales Person who is:

* SuperCool (in personal presentation, in personality and vibe)

* Has a strong retail sales background in customer service 

* Is creative as a hobby or as job (an ability to merchandise & style stock is a plus as is the ability to do instagram styled shots - not essential but a definite bonus)

* Is available some week days and definitely available on weekends 

* Likes working within a small business where your role is varied (sales, barcoding stock, merchandising stock, customer sales and cleaning)

* Is open to and available to help us with preparation and participation in our many pop up's (unpacking, setting up, selling and packing) 

* Can work / relate to many ages (TheSuperCool Kid attracts lots of toddlers, kids and young parents) as well as creative people of all ages in our main store, TheSuperCool.

* The ability to help people style their space; we have lots of customers wanting creative advice to make their space SuperCool so an ability to help them make their space great is a bonus. 


1. What is a random fact about yourself that would be interesting to us? 

2. What are your fave top 3 shops? (can be clothes, accessories or homewares & lifestyle)

3. Which brands do you admire & why? (any kind of brand - tech, food, skincare, clothing, hotels, homewares etc)

4. Tell us 3 reasons TheSuperCool should hire you!


1. Email the below to

* Resume

* Casual headshot photo (just so we can put a face to a name when reviewing resumes)

* Answers to SuperCool Qu's (see above) 

2. We will review all resumes received after the deadline and contact everyone who applies with a yes or no.

3. If yes, we will meet you to have a chat and if successful, you'll do a couple of trials.


APPLICATIONS CLOSE 24 MARCH 2016 (but early applications are looked upon with extra credit!!)