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Upper Essential Oil

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  • Upper Essential Oil
  • Upper Essential Oil

Feel the good vibes with this Upper Essential Oil! 

Oils have such theraputic healing properties and can be burned / diffused in a room or just used as a perfume drop on your wrist or behind your ears or used to massage into your body! 

Addition Studios are all about Ritual Wellness and have created a series of Essential Oil blends to suit your emotional needs! Basic symbols have been used to describe the scent’s effect on the users for emotional well being.

The Upper Essential Oil is made from a blend of organic ingredients including cedarwood oil,  eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil & lemon oil. It's essence is grounding but also refreshing and uplifting with the peppermint and citrus lemon bringing affirming posistive vibes!

* 15ml

* Comes in a dropper bottle

* Designed & Made by Addition Studios in Australia