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Mens Pen Knife

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  • Mens Pen Knife
  • Mens Pen Knife

Want to feel like James Bond? This Mens Pen Knife will bring out your inner spy! 

A real gentleman may be hard to find. But when you do find him, he is quite a catch. There are different measures to manliness but a gentleman is always ready for the challenges ahead. The Gentlemen’s Hardware is about getting your man ready for whatever challenge he will be faced with. It may be setting someone free from a car wreck, or simply opening a bottle of good wine. Either it be a difficult event or a simple one, there’s a tool for all in just one smart-looking instrument. 

Made of good quality stainless steel, and it can easily be folded and attaches to your keys.

* 12 tools in one handy set

- Saw

- Scissors

- Corkscrew

- Screwdriver

- Knife

* Comes boxed ready for gifting

* Made from quality stainless steel 

* Designed by Gentlemans Hardware in UK