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Arthouse Crystal Earring

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  • Arthouse Crystal Earring
  • Arthouse Crystal Earring
  • Arthouse Crystal Earring

We love that these Arthouse Crystal Earrings are both SuperCool yet healing!


Malachite - Protection 

Golden pyrite - Prosperity 

Black onyx - Soothing + Detoxifying 

These crystal earrings are earrings of intention! Made locally in Melbourne, Australia, Jane Fenn creates stunning earring creations that look amazing and heal with their various crystal properties.

* Hypoallergenic surgical steel

* Gold/Silver plated posts/bars/butterfly backs

* Responsibly sourced semi-precious gemstones

* Coated with resin (for strength/durability)

* Incidental splash proof but not waterproof

* Each set has stickers with explanation of crystal properties on back of card

* Each pair is handmade with handcut crystals of various sizes, colour and style. So each pair will be different - the photo's are indictive only. 

* Designed & Made in Australia