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Turquoise Bamboo Coffee Cup

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Look no further for a SuperCool coffee cup than the Turquoise Bamboo Coffee Cup by Perky!

Save the environment, be a good samaritan but look cool as well! These bamboo cups are 65% bamboo fibre, 30% corn fibre and 5% natural resin. The sleeve and lid seals are made from silicone and 100% recyclable. The cups are made to last years. At the end of its life, the silicone parts can be removed and recycled in kerbside recycling and the cup is biodegradable.  

* 12oz. Medium size cup

* Secure screw-on bamboo fibre lid

* Spout lid (like a takeaway cup)

* Silicone sleeve to protect hands against hot liquids

* Easy to clean, all silicone parts and seals are removable for an easy wash

* Dishwasher safe (not microwave safe)

* Designed in Melbourne by Perky by Nature