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  • Solid Cleanser

We love this new range by Solid State for Men; solid cleanser is going to be a game changer! You watch! Not only is this super slick and amazing looking design and packaging, but the cleanser lasts for ages. It's the perfect travel size, take to work or after the gym, discreet and makes a brilliant gift.

This deep cleansing face wash features natural Aloe Vera extract to help hydrate, and Acai Berries to help fight the effects of aging whilst providing a deep cleanse. The gentle formula purifies and hydrates all skin types and washes off residue free.

* High concentrated wax based cologne

* No testing on animals

* Apply face wash directly to wet skin in a circular motion and gently massage until light lather forms rinsing clean with water.

* 75 Grams

* Designed & Made by Solid State in Australia