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Catventures Board Game

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  • Catventures Board Game
  • Catventures Board Game

Have hours of family fun with the Catventures Game Board.

This a-meow-sing Catventures Game will test just how well you know cats and the adventures they get up to! The 51 action cards will have you answering all sorts of fun questions about cats and acting out the silly things they do!  Choose your cat character and play to see who comes out as top cat! The first to the finish line wins the game! 

Includes: 1 game board, 4 wooden cat characters, 1 wooden die and 51 action cards in English, Spanish and French. 

* Can you and your friends name 6 things cats like to eat or walk around on your toes like cats do?

* Printed with non-toxic paints, and featuring FSC-certified wooden cat characters

* Ages 4 years +, 20 minutes playtime for 2-4 players

* Open game board measures 20.5" W x 20.5" L x .1" H 

* By Petit Collage