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  1. Large SuperCool Quote Candle

    We collaborated with Damselfly to create our own EXCLUSIVE Quote Candle....  Are you a Champion, Icon, Legend, Gangstar? Designed by Damselfly in Melbourne using natural soy wax, they make great gifts and once burned out, can make a SuperCool vase,...
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  2. Goal Digger Large Quote Candle

    Want a candle that will ignite your senses? Then this is the candle for you, with the amazing multiple scents for your nose and a great quote for your eyes! These quote candles have become cult classics. Designed by Damselfly...
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  3. I Love You Dream Cream

    Filled with fresh, zingy squeezes of uplifting essential oil blend. The purest pink grapefruit, brisk geranium, spicy lemon, organic bergamot and a hint of peppermint. Like an sunny awakening for your senses.  * Smells like fresh linen feels.  • A light,...
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  4. The move towards Fairtrade & Handmade Homewares

         We've been in business for nearly six years and during this time we've seen lots of trends come and go but we've noticed one trend we hope is here to stay; the move towards knowing where and how...
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  5. Brand Family

     THESUPERCOOL BRANDS           AHD Paper Co           Addition Studios           Anvil Creek Co           Alchemy           Baba Tree Baskets    ...
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