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     THESUPERCOOL BRANDS           AHD Paper Co           Addition Studios           Alchemy Produx           Alyssum Alchemy           Baggu            Bambury...
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  2. Backpack Multi Tool

    Like adventures? This backpack multi tool will help you on your urban, camping, travelling or outback adventures.  This black and silver on-the-go multi tool by Gentlemen's Hardware features a compass, penknife, saw and LED light with a carabiner fixing, all...
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  3. Pocket Manicure Tool

    Keep yourself neat & tidy with this Pocket Manicure Tool! If you like to stay minimal with your "stuff" this pocket sized manicure tool set will do the trick... small but mighty with this versatility and easy to store and...
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  4. Cyclists Mini Multi-Tool

    Are you a cyclist or do you know one? You/they need this Cyclists Mini Multi-Tool kit. The perfect cyclist's companion for repairs on the go. Plus it comes in one handy, mini connected set so you won't lose it! A great...
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  5. Camping Cutlery Tool

    Going camping? You'll need this Camping Cutlery Tool set.  No feast is too much for this clever camping cutlery gadget. It features a knife, fork, spoon, cork screw, bottle opener and a foil cutter. It's ideal for the adventurer or...
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