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  1. Aussie Slang Lingo Playing Cards

    Pick up Aussie slang while playing cards! Ever overhear an Australian say something like “I was having a good old chin wag with me cobber, just piss-farting around”, and think WTF is this guy saying? With this deck of cards you’ll...
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  2. French Lingo Playing Cards

    Pick up French while playing cards! Often the French get a bad wrap for being ‘rude’, but that’s only because tourists come up and ask if they can “speak english”, without even attempting a proper hello. Learn the basics, pay...
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  3. Indonesian Lingo Playing Cards

    Pick up Indonesian while playing cards! In a country with over 300 native languages, Bahasa Indonesia (or simply Indonesian) was created so that the people from different islands could speak with each other. If you’re thinking of doing any exploring...
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  4. Portuguese Lingo Playing Cards

    Pick up Portuguese while playing cards! Viva Brazil! Viva Portugal! If you want to go to carnival in either place, knowing how to get directions to the nearest feather store could come in handy. Add in how to say hello,...
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  5. Brand Family

     THESUPERCOOL BRANDS           AHD Paper Co           Addition Studios           Anvil Creek Co           Alchemy           Baba Tree Baskets    ...
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