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  1. Lets Explore Garland

    ON SALE. WAS $26 NOW $15  Let's explore the world with this SuperCool garland. A great party garland for a bunch of little adventurers with a forest of cute pennants including bears, teepees and an ADVENTURE AWAITS message crafted with...
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  2. Felt Reindeer Antlers

    ON SALE. WAS $36 NOW $15  Get into the festive spirit with these Felt Reindeer Antlers! A luxury head dress for a special Christmas in the style of reindeer antlers. The antlers are crafted with wool, embellished with gold stitching...
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  3. Mermaid Finger Puppets

    Swim under the sea with these Mermaid Finger Puppets!  Create an underwater world with these beautifully crafted fabric finger puppets with mermaid and seahorse characters. The puppets are embellished with colored and silver thread and come in a luxury presentation...
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  4. Rainbow Felt Tree Decoration

    You'll love decorating your tree with this Rainbow Felt Tree Decoration! All the colors of the rainbow are featured in this beautiful Christmas decoration. The rainbow is crafted in felt with colored stitching details and embellished with a gold bell...
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  5. Dress Up Lion Mane

    Grrrr... become the lion with this Dress Up Lion Mane!  Make your party roar with this fantastic lion's headdress complete with flowing wool mane. Perfect for an animal themed party or just because you love lions! Crafted with wool and...
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  6. Mini Sticker Roll

    We love sticker bombing and these Mini Sticker Rolls will help us do it!  These cute stickers come with a huge selection of motifs and messages, all in bright colors and embellished with shiny gold foil. A great party favour! ...
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  7. Xmas Mini Sticker Roll

    ON SALE. WAS $18 NOW $10  We love these Xmas Mini Sticker Roll.  These delightful stickers each has a seasonal theme, perfect to add a splash of color and fun to your Christmas gifts. * Pack contains 1 roll of...
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  8. Brand Family

     THESUPERCOOL BRANDS           AHD Paper Co           Addition Studios           Alchemy Produx           Baba Tree Baskets           Bon Lux      ...
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