We are focused on being as CONSCIOUS as we can about our impact as a brand on the environment and also contributing positively to the world! We have some more exciting initiatives we're working on and will reveal these as we can. We still have lots more to do as well.  


These are some of the measures we are taking to reduce our eco footprint.

1. Bags: We encourage customers to BYO their own bags when purchasing with us but they can use also have a recycled brown paper bag if not. 

2. Receipts: We encourage customers to have us email their receipt or not take a receipt if possible to reduce paper waste.

3. Online Packing: We upcycle all boxes, bubblewrap + filling + that we receive from suppliers for our online orders. We also use eco bubblewrap. 

4. Online Satchels: We now use Hero Packaging for all parcels sent online that fit into satchels. Hero's bags are all compostable + reusable! 

5. Wrapping Paper: We custom make our own gift wrapping paper - this is all printed on recycled stock.

6. Postcards: We print all our promotional postcards on recycled stock.

7. Excess Cardboard Boxes: We are fortunate that the South Melbourne Market have a compacter on site we can break down any excess boxes we don't use for online orders. 

8. Brand Love: We work with a lot of brands that have their own eco footprint reduction strategies and we actively seek out these brands over those that don't focus on this.

There is still more to be done, we are working on other initiatives as well and will reveal them as we make them! 



Since we began, we've always been about sharing the stories behind our brands. This is part of our ethos, our brand values and has been paramount throughout our 9 years of business. 

However, at the beginning of 2020, we decided to review our stable of brands we work with to ensure we are supporting brands that have a clear purpose about their brand; whether that's hand made, ethically made, fair trade, biodegradable, sustainable, organic, non-toxic or fulfilling a purpose with their brand the best way they can. 

We've created a way for you to shop by different ethos categories so you know at a glance what that brand stands for! 

You can actually watch a variety of the brands we work with who have done a lil video explaining their focus on our IGTV here.