Picture this. We are in Palermo Soho (a very cool neighbourhood in Buenos Aires) Argentina and we stumble across a great vinyl hole-in-the-wall shop where the owner "Paco" starts chatting to us in Spanish.

When he realises we are from Australia, he says "Aussies are SuperCool" but in a hip-hop Spanish accent. Paco then proceeds to tell us about his SuperCool collection of rare and vintage vinyl, how he loves our SuperCool outfits, how he wishes he could live in SuperCool Australia.

For the remainder of our trip, everything we love is SuperCool thanks to Paco! So Paco, this business that began as a mobile emporium of unique, everyday objects that goes to the people is named after you.

We are Noonie & Kate (and our daughters Lola & Luna) and we're committed to making everyday objects that brighten up your home, your studio, your apartment, your loft, your friends car, whatever space you like to hang out in. 

We think buying these objects should be fun, interactive and a unique retail experience so instead of the traditional retail shop, we decided to make our emporium a mobile experience and go to the people (like the Vintage Peddlers used to). Fast forward to now and we have established 1 permanent big Flagship store in the South Melbourne Market to compliment our online store as well. (The days of being nomadic with our mobile emporium are behind us with 2 lil kids but we still carry that spirit!)

We believe in the products we stock being affordable so all people (no matter if you're a rich prince or a credit card debt pauper) can enjoy them and we support local and international small business's by sharing their unique products with our customers as we embark on this SuperCool journey together.

Watch this space as we grow our little business into a brand that is truly SuperCool!