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We pride ourselves on our SUPERCOOL TUNES instore! So many customers come in asking us for our playlists, shazam the music and ask us about specific songs as well as break out into spontaneous dance! 

Did you know that Noonie used to be a DJ back in the day? He has spent countless hours hunting down rare vinyl all over the world. Whenever we would travel, he would research vinyl shops and the thrill of talking all things music with other die hard fans in all languages! 

So we have finally decided to put togethor some playlists for your listening pleasure on Spotify. 

1. LATIN CHILLAX: To remind us of a time 20 years earlier, pre-kids, when we were drinking Caipirinha cocktails on Ipanema beach in Rio De Janerio!

2. YO MAMA: Grooves for TheSuperCool Mamasita! 

3. SO YOU THINK YOU CAN JAM!: Party tunes for SuperCool Kids (with input by Lola!) 

4. FEEL THE FUNK: Get pumped, SuperCool Style! 

5. CALM CASA CHILL: Unwind on a Sunday Arvo... 

6. GROOVALICIOUS CLUB NITES: Bangers for when we clubbing at Carousel in our 20's!  



Turn up the Volume + Enjoy! 



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