TheSuperCool Xmas Guide: 1

Okay, so you're looking for Xmas presi's. It can be stressful, it can cause serious shoppers anxiety but it doesn't need to be that way. You could just follow our SuperCool gift guide instead.

1. K.K. - Glass crumple cups (cause they'll love having the coolest cup in the office) $16 each

2. Mum - Glass domes for displaying SuperCool stuff - $38 small $55 for medium

3. Dad - ipad numbers case (cause he's all tech-savvy now) - $35

4. Bro - moustache map of the world - $40

5. Sis - i spy with my little eye tin sign (cause she's always looking for stuff) $60

6. Kids - DIY colour me in clock (cause its more interactive than computer games) $25

7. Uncle who helped you move house - Vintage french shield (cause you may need to borrow his van & muscles again) $50

8. Creative friend - jigsaw plates (cause they're cool) $33

9. Friend with a sense of humour - 2nd Best felt pennant $35


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