Kate's Xmas Wish List

Each year, Noonie is sweating in December (and not from the weather!) It's my birthday on 17th December AND then it's Christmas less than a week later! So he has to get me double gifts in our busiest time of year! AND as we own/ choose all the stock ourselves for TheSuperCool, he has NO IDEA what to get me each year because I am fortunate enough to access all the things I like fairly easily.

So this year, I've put togethor a wish list to make it easier for him to nail what I LOVE but also to remind other women and other mama's who juggle a lot... sometimes you have to put the wish list out there so THEY GET IT! 

1. Kip & Co Turkish Towels: I love soft, cosy towels that LOOK great but also dry! Ever since I upgraded my budget Target towels from share house days to good quality towels, I have finally understood what being a grown up is all about (that + paying taxes!!!) And this colour palette is totally inspiring my upcoming bathroom renovation vibes.

2. Kollab Beach Umbrella: I am quite fair but love going to the beach so a beach umbrella is a non-negotiable for me... + having a fringed beach umbrella outside over our picnic table makes me feel super festive!  

3. Home By The Sea Book: I LOVE being nosy and checking out peoples houses and the WAY they live. This book showcases some incredible homes in a stunning location: the Byron Bay region! 

4. Resin by Sage x Clare: This range of resin is so cool yet functional as well. The way the light shows through the patterns and the colours are so amazing. I particularly love the petal shaped pieces! 

5. Crystals & Me Candles: I love candles for mood lighting and anyone who knows me knows I love me some crystals! So the fact this comes in a stunning reusable ceramic vessel is just a bonus really! 

6. Modern Weaver Book: During Luna's pregnancy I did a weaving course and totally feel head over heels for weaving. So when Mary-Ann Moodie released this 2nd book of hers, I was like "hells yes!"

7. Striped Toiletry Bag: I love a nice toiletry bag - something about it sitting on the hotel / motel / airbnb bathroom area makes me feel more exotic and well travelled than I really am! 


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