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We recently did a post on Instagram sharing some of the Lockdown Tips we've gained from #5 Lockdowns here in Melbourne. We asked our community to share their tips they've learned as well so we could have one place to post them and share them with others.

If you have a tip you'd like to share - shoot us an email via the contact page on our website or DM us on instagram and we'll add it. 

Some of these tips are family focused and others aren't! 

Kate & Noonie's Tips

1. Break up the day into segments so its mini bite size days to get through...

2. A morning walk or exercise as a family is crucial (fresh air and being outside gives perspective)

3. Eat lunch togethor / share some things you're grateful for at lunch to make the day more positive

4. Schedule 30 mins or if you can an hour each day where you and your partner get to have time out from parenting responsibilities (but during day not when the kids are in bed)

5. Meditate (cannot stress this enough)

6. Exercise - yoga, pilates, gym stuff whatever - gotta get the body moving as much as you can fit in per week

7. Treats- get everyone to nominate 1 treat they love and you get to share the treat each day in rotation (i.e. Monday is muffins, Tuesday is chocolate etc)

8. Facetime family + friends (try + create a routine so you have something to look forward too... aim for a Facetime when you’re cooking so you have some built in babysitting!

9. Plan your meals (again, ask everyone to nominate a fave meal + maybe depending on your kids age, they can help make that meal!)

10. Games night - to break up ALL the screen time, we did night games of Uno, Puzzles, Guess Who, Charades, quiz’s etc once our toddler was in bed!

11. Secret Bath Time: I craved this... I was completely unavailable to family, my phone, everyone during my baths... I read, lit a candle, popped some bath salts in + just relaxed.... highlight!

Community Tips added.... 

12. Support Small Business  

13. There will be ‘something’ that calms you, when you notice it, just repeat. Doesn’t matter if you need to or not. I repotted so many plants that didn’t need it, touching dirt was it for me.

14. Do NOT beat yourself up.
15. Give yourself days away from the news. You don’t need to know all the updates all the time. You know lockdown is another 4 weeks, if anything big changes, you’ll hear. Step away from the newsfeed.

16. Check in on your loved one's; you never know who is doing it tough and struggling mentally. Speak to professionals if you need too... Lockdown can mess with your head. 

Hopefully we won't need this list for much longer! 


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