TheSuperCool has been spotted.....

So we've noticed we've been popping up on some of our favourite websites, blogs and some unexpected one's too. Yay for us! Here's a run down.

1. We discovered this superfab digital homes magazine & blog called Adore magazine . With pages of ideas for your casa, lots of interesting industry icons interviewed and some great imagery... we're pretty excited to not only have a full page ad in their mag but a blog post and some editorial as well.

2. You can't really be a true melbournite if you haven't read Michi girl's weather & fashion forecasts can you? We've popped up on their noticeboard with details about our 2 locations - SO:ME space and St Ali.

3. The great affordable art website called Signed & Numbered wrote quite a flattering review of our latest location.

4. We've been nominated as 1 of the 13 must see events on the Style Melbourne website for the L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival.

5. After tweeting about the new Anthology magazines we're stocking, Kitty Baroque did a blog post and took some great pics of our current location. Bless!


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