TheSuperCool new stock!

"Expand your View" indeed. Remember the awesome viewfinders from your youth. We're getting a tad nostalgic for these fun toys we used to have & this print brings back nothing but SuperCool memories!

We've just created these "Emotional mini milk bottles" - SuperCool, right? $20 for a set of 3. Choose your crazy emotion faces. Great for gifts, fun for putting flowers, pencils, lollies in. We've only got limited stock of these at the moment. Run, don't walk!



Quite like the pirate one on the right who looks like he's sleeping (or got something in his other eye!) They kind of remind us of Mr Men faces!

We're loving our fab Scando designed prints (we have a limited amount of these babies) and they're all framed up in glass frames for only $50 each (A3 Size). Inexpensive wall art anyone?

"Vintage Fondue Party" print - how 70's retro fabulous is this print?


                           "I like to Rock"...(out on the iconic classic Eames chair).

                                Grey print background with orange print.


Blue & Red Scando style Kitchen shelves with all the essentials! Does your kitchen need brightening up? Imagine it sitting next to a vintage red set of scales (we have these too! - shameless plug!)

"A cup of nordic tea" (indeed). Loving the bright orange background with scando/nordic design on the cup & saucer.


"Always start the day with a refreshing cup of Hot Coffee" - perfect for Melbournites. This print is in a great chocolatey/coffee colour and we believe would sit really well in a hole in the wall coffee shop. (Suggestions, anyone?)

Following on from the Coffee theme - "A morning without Coffee is like sleep" print is another great scando style print. Sky blue background with orange coffee pot.


  A must for any lover of scando, vintage, industrial and mid century furniture. Hello fellow neighbours in inner city Melbourne! It says "Home, sweet mid-century modern Home".

What collection of wall art would be complete without an eye doctors chart? We love this one as its so true. "Without Music, life would be a mistake".

And for those Star Wars fans - May the force be with you forever!


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