Press Update - April 2012

So we have had some serious Press love of late. On a sincere note, we really couldn't continue to move around as much as we do without the media and press support. From established weekly papers to online event guides to independent blogs. We really and truly appreciate all your support.

Here's a round up if you missed anything (or care to find out more!)

frankie magazine online: Pretty exciting to be included in the originators of making craft cool again!

Broadsheet: St Ali and Great Dane - We are stoked to have not 1 but 2 write up's in as little as 1 month from Broadsheet!

Habitus living online : A benchmark of streamlined, informative interior info.

Insider Retailing online: The business end of the interiors and retail gave us props! yay.

Mel hot or not: Love Mel's review on our latest location at Great Dane & her photos!

L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival: As part of our collab as a participant of the Cultural program.

Spook Mag online: A great article and point of view of our concept.

The Thousands: Always love their tongue in cheek reviews.

Three Nations blog: This is our lovely friend & 1 of our photographer Marsha Golemac's blog. Well worth a visit.

Everguide: THE guide to what's going on.

Style Melbourne: Apparently we were 1 of the 10 things not to miss out on during LMFF! Lucky us.

Milk Bar Mag: A great review as well.

Scout print mag: A really great feature in an equally great print mag for what to do in South Melbourne.


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