FINALLY.... we have an online store . It has taken some serious photography, measuring, descriptive writing and many, many hours in front of the laptop to bring you our very first online store.

We still have a few tweaks to amend and we have loads more stock to add and also some cool visuals, but hey, Rome wasn't built in a day... (or say the saying goes). So go easy on us, visit us regularly and take advantage of our GREAT Postage Costs.

1. Any item under $10 is only $5 flat rate postage

2. Items $11- $49.95 is only $10 flat rate postage

3. Items $50-$99.95 is only $20 flat rate postage

and here's the best bit... anything you buy over $100 will be sent FREE! YAY!

At the moment we ONLY post to AUSTRALIAN customers (this will change, we are looking into competitive international shipping options but haven't found a great one yet... so global fans, expats and travellers, stay tuned!)

So check it out .

Enjoy, browse and drool after our line up of SuperCool items.


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