Mothers Day Gift Guide

So we asked our facebook fans whether we should do a Mothers Day Gift Guide or not. Part of me thinks its all a bit of a commercial cop out (despite believing whole-heartedly that our mum's deserve some acknowledgment) however the overwhelming reply was YES, do a gift guide. So here goes. We've tried to make it entertaining and witty so its a bit funny as well as trying to provide some affordable gift options should you choose to shop with us for your SUPERCOOL mum!

For the Mum's who wished they could be a rock star and live vicariously through The Voice OR... for the mum who hate flys!

Page Thirty Three Air Guitar Fly Swats - $16 each Comes in 4 colours (Red, Aqua, Black & Gold) Awesome packaging & a SUPERCOOL gift. Buy here. 

For the new Mum who spends her hours wondering if she is awake or asleep, which breast she fed her baby with last, why informercials get a bad rap because sometimes they really do have great stuff. 

Limited edition Scando print "I like to Rock" $45 unframed Buy here.

For the Mum who wished she lived in France (but begrudgingly accepts that surrounding herself with French inspired stuff & listening to Manu from My Kitchen Rules will make a suitable replacement!)

Vintage French Bobbins (come in a set of 3, small, medium & large) $35 for the set  Buy here.

Bonjour felt pennant $25 (small)  & Merci felt pennant (large) $35 Buy here.

For the Mum who loves scrabble and games and will think you've gone to heaps of effort and applaud you for thinking outside the box (don't worry, its our little secret .. unless she sees this and then you're in big trouble!) Scrabble slogans Mum Rocks, Ace Mum, Best Mum $10 each  Buy here.

For the Mum obsessed with blackboards (or is that just us... either way we can vouch that a lot of mum's have bought these!) Wooden mini blackboard - great for leaving messages, writing what's for dinner or just the humble grocery list..  $20 each Buy here.

Set of 4 mini chalkboards that can be hung on her door saying MUM'S QUIET TIME..... SHHHH  $30  Buy here.

Large wooden blackboard with handle - great for whacking you on the bottom when you arrive late for Mothers Day! $30  Buy here.

For the Mum who has just...  a. Not enough wall space for more artwork but loves artwork anyway and will find a spot because you gave it to her b. Moved into a smaller place and wants to make it more 'hip' and 'current' Limited edition Scando prints $45 each (unframed) Buy here. 

For the Creative, Crafty, DIY, Interior type Mum (who could be the modern day Martha Stewart / Tonya Toddman) New Issue of Anthology  Issue 7 $20 each (all back issues from Issue 3 - 7 also available should you want extra brownie points) Buy here.

For the mum who always has her scarf, umbrella, bag & hat near the front door.  Vintage reproduction 2 hook wall plaque $25 each Buy here.

For the Type A personality, always organised & is a little obsessed with Stationery Mum. UK brand Present & Correct stamp planner perpetual calendar (tear off a stamp / day at a time) $25  Buy here. 

Set of 3 Map notebooks $10  Buy here.

UK brand Present & Correct Geometry notebooks $12 each Buy here.

For the Mum who lives far away & wants you to do something personal that uses your initiative. *** (we will help you use your initiative & no-one need know!) Mini milk bottles $5 each (Get 2 - Fill 1 with her fave chocolates and 1 with mini love hearts you make from paper saying you're sending your love!) Buy here.

Give your mum a massage voucher & accompany this lovely gesture with a party hat / card (it'll make a great photo!) UK brand Present & Correct Queen for a Day party hat / gift card  $8 (comes with envelope) Buy here. 

(image shown is of King for a Day example)

For the Mum who loves cosying up on the couch and can't seem to get enough SUPERCOOL cushions in her life. Upcycled 100% wool patchwork cushions $50 instore & $46 online (without insert) Assorted colours available  Buy here.

And don't forget the all important card or gift tag. We have a variety from $3 for gift tags and $6 for cards. Check them out here.  And if you're after wrapping paper - we have great styles for only $1 each. Bargain! Buy here. 

There's heaps more, but that's a start and hopefully gives you some ideas! If you're buying online, don't wait too long so we can post it out to you in time!


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