TheSuperCool is launching a semi-permanent EMPORIUM!!!

(photo credit - Marsha Golemac) 

So for some time now, we've wanted to do 2 things...

1. Indulge our visual merchandising side more in a shop where we can use the walls & the space inhabit better....

2. Create a semi-permanent space where we can lay down some roots for 6 months WHILST running other pop up spaces simultaneously. As fate would have it, we were offered a great space in 1 of our fave locations thus far; SO:ME space at the South Melbourne Markets. So, we are very excited to announce that we will soon be SuperCoolling in 3 different ways to cater to our expanding fans and growing our little business.

1. You can buy online - anytime. We'll be adding more stock and more vintage pieces to the website more regularly.

2. You can come to our semi-permanent shop at SO:ME space - Open Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays from late June. We'll be changing the store around regularly and adding themes with our visual merchandising & we've got some cool (secret squirrel) stuff happening that will be super fun & interactive!

3. You can come visit us at our next pop up locations as we announce them - We'll still be roaming around various neighbourhoods and we have some pretty exciting collaborations coming up.

This way we're going to the people (that's you) in ways that suit you. You might want to come into the semi-permanent shop and check out our wares and have a chat... sometimes you need an urgent gift and you'll want to buy online... sometimes you might want to find our next pop up location and stalk us.... we don't mind - as long as you keep on thinking about us and occasionally fork over some cash for some SuperCool goodies!

We'll be bringing you some behind the scenes photo's from the setting up of our new semi-permanent shop at SO:ME space.

Just follow us for updates on   twitter , facebook , instagram or pinterest ....


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