A video to show HOW we created our pop up at Westfield Doncaster!


So we often get asked HOW do you create your pop up shops? What work is involved, how many people help you, how do you do it?

We decided that we'd get a time lapse video shot of our bump in process at our current Westfield Doncaster pop up shop to show you how its done. This was a particularly large pop up in terms of space, product and the fact we had to bring our own infrastructure, so we needed 2 vans, 6 people to help and 8 hours later, we were done! Hope you enjoy watching it and a big shout out to Thom Rigney who shot and directed this video. A patient man as he watched us unpack and set up!

Click here to watch it! Make sure you turn our volume up LOUD to enjoy the music!

We're at Westfield Doncaster till Sunday 7 October - come and see our hard work in the flesh if you can!


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