Our next location: The Peoples Market in Collingwood




Illustrations provided by Emerge Studio & last shot instagram by The Peoples Market. 

We are beyond pumped to announce our next location for TheSuperCool mobile emporium...... It's called The People's Market and its 2nd incarnation (previously it was at the Docklands) is in Stanley Street Carpark in Collingwood.

Imagine a carpark repurposed as an urban market with shipping containers rejigged for food vendors, an outdoor bar, an urban art gallery, cafes, retail and pop up markets.... well The Peoples Market is this dream cum reality!

We have been big fans of what The Peoples Market achieved in the Docklands and were super excited to be involved in this new version in Collingwood. We're taking over a retail shipping container for 2 months - 1st up.... December 1 (the date the whole market launches) till Christmas. The next month will be February.

And we're in great company - Movida are doing a bakery next door to us, Touche Hombre is providing the mexican fiesta, Padre's are doing the coffee, Ghost Patrol is doing a pop up exhibition in COMA (container of modern art), Acclaim magazine are doing a retail container next to us and so is The Melbourne Paper Pop Up featuring Able & Game, Write to Me and Record Attempts.... so its going to be pretty sweet.

We've doing some cool stuff to our shipping container to make it resemble a SUPERCOOL shop rather than a shipping container and we're super psyched about launching it and showing you all around.... So come say hi, have a drink, have some food, check out the gallery, have a coffee, grab some xmas presents and enjoy!

Dates: Launching Saturday December 1 2012 till Christmas 2012  and then again in February 7 till March 3 2013

Opening Hours: Thursday - Sunday - 10am till 5pm

Location: 64 – 68  Stanley street, Collingwood, VIC 3066


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