TheSuperCool are taking a break.....

We'd like to send you a big THANKYOU for helping make 2012 really special for us. We can't believe what support from customers, media and our loyal fans we've had.

We are taking a well earned holiday (where we shall find more SuperCool goodies) and wanted to let you know of our closing dates over the festive break.

ONLINE STORE -   You can place orders but we can't send them until we return on Monday 28 January 2013.

SOUTH MELBOURNE SHOP -  We will open Friday 28, Saturday 29 & Sunday 30 December 2012 and then closed until Wednesday 23 January 2013.

PEOPLES MARKET COLLINGWOOD -  We have closed our shipping container shop until February 7 2013, however The Peoples Market is still open and will have other great food, entertainment and shopping options until we return as well!

Have a great New Years break people!


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