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Mothers Day... you either think its a commercial sell out or you embrace it and reward your Mum in some way!

However you feel, we have some gifts that we think cover all the bases: We've got a round up online as well for you, just click here.


What Mum doesn't love a cushion? We have a huge selection priced from $45 to $75 in store and online. Pictured above we have (clockwise from the bottom left) Pom Pom Flower print Cushions $50 (including the cushion insert) $45 without Reversible Linen Print Cushions $55 (including the insert) $50 without Oversized Chevron Cushions $65 (including the insert) $60 without Oversized Zig Zag Aqua Cushion $65 (including the insert) $60 without


All Mum's can find a use for a pretty bowl... be it for eating or to put your jewellery in! Pictured above.... Small patterned mix & match bowls $10 each or $40 for the set of 4 online Medium patterned mix & match bowls $15 each or $60 for the set of 4 online

Terracotta Vases

These 3 styles look great togethor as well as individually. With a vintage 60's style shape, these vases/bottles are only available instore as they're too fragile to send! $49 each.

La Dolce Vita Signs

A popular purchase, these signs say "The Sweet Life" in Italian and make a great addition to the kitchen, bedroom, outdoor area or study. Available in Aqua and Orange $29 each.

Metallic Vases/Bottles

The Dutch really do just get it and these bottles/vases are amazing. They come in gold or copper and shine on wherever they sit. They come in 2 sizes - small 2 litre $39 and large 4 litre $49  Available instore only.

Chemistry Candles

What Mum doesn't love a nice smelling candle? These popular candles come in flasks and beakers to carry through the Science Chemistry vibe. The flasks last for 50 hours and are $35 and the beakers are $45 lasting for 75 hours. They come in 4 scents: Coconut & Lime, Sandalwood, Mandarin Oil & Rosemary, Orange & Vanilla. Available instore only.

Ushamama Paper Sacks

These incredible paper sacks are all made in Tuscany, Italy. Treated like leather, made from paper and washable like fabric, these sacks are so useful for so many reasons: Put your make up in them, toiletries, plants, fruit & vege's, magazines, bread baskets, stationery etc... Plain start from $22 and the Metallic from $29 Available instore and online.


We have lots of cards to choose from... but our 2 fave's are these ones pictured above. Mom, You Rule $6 Mom, you're sew great $6.50

Magazines Most Mum's love the opportunity to read a good magazine that stimulates them and the opportunity to read it without interruption! So you can choose from; Anthology, Uppercase, Kinfolk or Apartamento (all very popular and with cult followings) Priced from $20 - $29 ... you can't go wrong!

Available instore and online.  

So whatever you decide to do for Mothers Day, make sure you don't forget to at least give her a kiss and thank her for going through labour to have you and possibly your teenage years as well!


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