Christmas Gift Guide by TheSuperCool

Well, its certainly crept up again hasn't it? It's nearly that magical time of the year again for Christmas and the Holiday Season!

We've put togethor a guide for you to enjoy checking out and to hopefully give you some Gift Giving Inspiration as well.

We have heaps more stock to arrive, but this is what we've selected as of this moment in time!

Christmas Ideas for K.K (click here for more ideas)

girl-kk Ideas for a Female KK present (starting from top left going clockwise)

1. Drinking Mason Jar with Colourful Lid and Straw - $16.50 (come in a variety of colours)

2. Flask Chemistry Candle - $35 (comes in 4 scents; Orange & Vanilla, Mandarin Oil & Rosemary, Sandalwood, Coconut & Lime)

3. Small Dome Terrarium - $35 (comes in a small jar version for $19 as well)

4. Small Black paper sack - $22 (comes in black, brown, grey or a metallic version for $29 - pot plant in it is a prop)

5. Tallow Beach Paddles - $30 (comes in another print as well)

6. The Fashionable Cocktail Book - $25

7. Travel Listography Journal - $23 (also comes in Film, Music, Future, Love, Parenthood Listography versions)

8. Anthology Magazines - $20 each (Issues 3 - 13 available)

9. Fete Magazine - $15 each Spring Issue

10. Geometric Sticky Tabs - $10 (also available in other patterns and prints)

11. Lilypad Teal plate - $20 (comes boxed and in 5 other patterns)

12. Melbourne Tea Towel (used as backdrop)  - $35 (also comes in Manly and Sydney version)


Ideas for a Male KK present (starting from top left going clockwise)

1. Captain Mug - $30 (Also comes in Pirate version)

2. Paper Chess Set - $20 (Instore)

3. Top Gun Mug - $29 (comes boxed)

4. Like/ Dislike Stamp Set - $20

5. Words Sticky Tab Set - $10 (also comes in 2 other styles)

6. Mens Cotton/Linen Hankerchief - $15 (comes in heaps of patterns and choices)

7. The Man Plan Book - $20

8. Bun B's Rap Colouring & Activity Book - $18

9. Brampton Beach Paddles - $30 (comes in another pattern)

10. Expresso Tales Mini Magazine - $9.50

11. T World Magazine NYC - $20 (instore only)

12. Toothbrush - $16 - $19 (comes in several colour options)  


Ideas for a Babies/Kids presents (starting from top left going clockwise)

1. Newborn Baby pack - $49    Includes an organic cotton swaddle wrap, hat and card all boxed togethor beautifully

2. Small Rainbow Balloon - $30 (comes in green, yellow and red as well as 2 other sizes; medium $70 and large $149)

3. Mustachifier Dummy - $15  Make your little one look like a 70's cop star with this great dummy!

4. Paul Thurlby Alphabet Book - $15 With great graphics and thick cardboard pages, this is a great gift.

5. Baby Journal; The Story of .... - $20 One of the coolest baby journals we've sourced with little polaroid pockets for your photo's, notes for you to write about their first words, first footprints, what you craved when you were pregnant.

6. Blue Leopard print cotton baby blanket - $69 (also comes in grey leopard print) We also have many other baby blanket styles to chose from for $59 as well.

7. Happy Alphabet print - $40 (comes in a poster pack ready to send and comes in a lime/blue colourway as well)

8. The Super Book for Super Heroes - $22    A great kids colouring and activity book for creative little folk

9. Petit Collage Wall Decals - $30 A great album of SuperCool wall animal decals perfect for a nursery or small childs room (instore)

10. Patrick Hrbury Memory Game - $25 A cool game with great graphics (instore)

11. Gummy Bear Magnets - $22 Put your kids artworks on the fridge with these cute gummy bear magnets that look good enough to eat.  


Ideas for a Guy presents (starting from top left going clockwise)

1. The curious Bartender Book - $35  A brilliant book for aspiring or experience bartenders with great recipes and visuals.

2. Crap Dad Jokes book - $19  Following on from the super popular Embarrasing book of Dad Jokes that sold like nuts last Christmas, this book is a win win (he'll have more ammunition for Dad jokes and you'll have some new jokes to hear!)

3. Bond Wall Clock - $29  A great streamlined wall clock that looks like a watch - perfect for the minimalist guy with style.

4. Cocktail Shaker - $20  (was $45 now $20) A stainless steel Cocktail Shaker comes beautifully boxed.

5. 100 Questions about Sex game - $20 A card game with a difference - choose cards rated from "x to XXX" for some fun!

6. Wooden perpetual calendar - $35 A streamlined modern take on the calendar perfect for his desk at work or home study.

7. Sign Painters book - $45  A fab book that documents all the original sign painters work across the ages. Great visuals and ideas for the creative guy.

8. Kip & Co Black/white Matchstick Pillowcase - $59 (for a set of 2) Used as background


Ideas for the Homewares Lover (starting from top left going clockwise)

1. Le Shop; Michi's guide to Paris - $20  A must have guide to Paris shops, flea markets and high end luxury stores with great photo's and write ups. (instore)

2. Blue Mandala Pillowcase - $35 Hand screen printed by Lumiere Art & Co, these pillowcases are sold individually and come in a variety of colours.

3. Lime Turkish Beach Towel - $39 Use this towel for the beach, picnic blanket, scarf etc... they dry super quickly and are so light to carry for travel. Lots of colours to choose from as well.

4. Big Wooden House - $35 A great decorative piece for any homelover with a scando feel - the reverse side is a beautiful raw wood. (instore)

5. Modern Rustic book - $40 A most amazing book with great ideas for the home with inspirational interiors and photograhpy.

6. Yellow Decorative Tassel - $29 Hang this from your cupboards, artwork, wall or string a few in a garland... Comes in 4 colours.


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