Conscious Brands


Earlier this year, Noonie + I discussed what we wanted this year "2020" to be about for our biz. We wanted to bring more CONSCIOUSNESS + CONNECTION to TheSuperCool.

As a result, we've asked some of our brands to do short video's about what they're doing to be more CONSCIOUS as a brand in relation to climate control + social responsibility.  When watching and listening to these it dawned on me how important it is to share these stories with our customers and the community. 

We had planned to launch this in March and then a lil thing called COVID happened! So we've had a slightly delayed launch for this concept! 

We figure, if you're going to buy a gift for a family member or friend or new baby etc, you'd like for your purchase to have a dual purpose (providing joy for the receiver )but also supporting a small business and the brand that made the product in the process! Hopefully this video series will help you feel like your dollar spend really does count! 

We're kicking this off with Halcyon Nights - our fave kids brand. It's seriously the CUTEST video. You just need to jump over to our instagram to watch the video. We'll also have a SAVED Instagram Highlight area for watching all of these.

Each week we'll share a new story. YAY!

We'd love your feedback on these and if you could share these with others you think might appreciate it, we would love that too! 



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