Creating a Calm Casa

Setting the mood.... so important for creating the right vibe for the whole casa!

(Particularly at the moment in Isolation!)

Come 6:30-7ish, I put lamps on & turn off all bright lights... I have our diffusor going throughout the day so the house smells amazing and often burn candles 🕯 at night when the kiddies are asleep to relax our parental bodies!!

The oils I love to use are listed below:

1. Upper Oil - great for mornings, focus + homeschooling, getting it done! Upper oil has woody + citrus oils which make it grounding + uplifting! Boom 💥

2. Centre Oil - perfect for baths, chilling, night time wind down... (pure lavender: so its super relaxing!) Great for calming tantrumy kids!

3. Downer Oil - great to put on your feet + wrists before meditation, yoga or bed! The ultimate mix of relaxing oils inc Patchouli + Sandalwood (my faves)

4. Australian Native: Eucalyptus & Acacia
Wanna feel energised & also like you live in the bush? This oil is super uplifting but also fresh & a lil slice of “home”.


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