Well, for most parents this social distancing thing is keeping kids entertained! We've compiled some tips on things to do to help you get through.

1. Craft Ideas: Check out Lunch Lady Mag for great ideas for crafting! You can buy the mag online or check out their blog online. 

2. StoryTime: Oliver Jeffers & Josh Gad are both doing nightly bedtime stories on their websites. Such great ideas and voices! 

3. FreezeDance: On youtube, check out these great musical statue games! So cute and fun + a better way of engaging with TV! 

4. Building a Cubby: Get creative (the sturdiest build, the quickest build, the biggest build, to music etc) Sage + Clare have some great cubbies on their instagram too! 

5. Monopoly Hack: Make your own Monopoly board with fave places, imaginative places & more... decorate it, then play it! 

6. Whole Beings: A beautiful holistic education tool based in Byron Bay. They offer online tutorials & kits for as little as $20 per month! Great when you get stuck for homeschooling ideas! They also have preschool options. 

7. Easy Iso Craft: Beci Orpin has launched a seperate insta account dedicated to all things easy craft (perfect for Isolation!) Check it out! 

8. Rachel Castle Colour Me In Sheets: The artist Rachel Castle has created some great downloadable worksheets to colour in! She adds new ones all the time! 

9. Adam J Kurtz Free Activity Sheets: Free downloadable sheets to fill in (for older kids!) 

10. Lion Paddle Pop Stick Art: Check out our instagram for this pic - a great one to keep lil one's busy! 

11. Laura Blythman Activity Set: $5-$15 activity packs for crafty kids!

Good Luck! We'll update this as we find new + clever things! If you have any suggestions, jump on our instagram and share it with us! 


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