There's a lot that's out of our CONTROL right now... but we can control some things... like how we respond to this... we've got a list of things you can do during social distancing to help you remain positive and SANE!

1. Have a BATH: Set up some candles, put some bath salts with epsom salts in (great for detoxing and cleaning up immunity) and add some pure essential oils like Lavender. Read a book, or just chill! NO SCREENS! Just relax and enjoy this bath. 

2. Learn a Language: Pick a language, learn a word everyday - put notes around the house with each of the words so you keep building on it! 

3. Read Books: Download some books on your kindle, borrow books from neighbours or free libraries (cause most libraries are shut now) and relax in your fave chair, bed or couch. Really take your time to slow down the brain that is used of cramming info in short time frames. Reading is pure mindfulness. Check out our collection of books here. 

4. Grow some Plants: It's a great time to really grow & nurture your plants. Look at books & online guides as to which plants are best for inside and for your bedroom to improve your sleep quality. We've got some great planters, books on plants etc here..

5. Stop following negative people on social media: If anyone you follow makes you feel less than, competitive, why me etc... UNFOLLOW. Clean up your social media accounts and find positive, normal, interesting, diverse people to follow. 

6. Limit your NEWS intake: go to trusted, non sensationalised news sources and check it once a day at the most. Don't let it DEFINE your thoughts and day. What you put into your world + thoughts is going to influence you. Like positive, uplifting tv, books & people make you feel good. Negative scary movies, people & books make you feel scared, angry and have nightmares. EDIT people! 

7. COOKING: Clean out your cupboards, research recipes that are resourceful, wholesome and easy to make. Compile lists of what you can eat for snacks, lunches & dinners and have this list easy to find. Feeding yourself well and nutritionally is a good ritual for NOW and for LIFE! 

8. EXERCISE: Get up and go for a walk, run, cycle, scoot etc or some fresh air as soon as you can in the morning. Being quarantined means you need to get out of the house each day, get some fresh air & define the day so you're not home ALL DAY LONG! Walk your pets, kids + selves!! 

9. MAKE HOME COSY: Make sure you make your home look and feel as good as possible. You're going to be spending alot of time at home, so rearrange furniture to make it operate as best as possible and feel really good. 

10. CLEANSE: Now is a great time to clean out wardrobes, work out what needs fixing, cleaning, donating. Go through old paperwork & shred/ recycle. Empty cupboards, wallets, handbags, backpacks - cleaning up makes you feel productive as well!

11. MEDITATE: If there is one thing you can do to help yourself right now, its MEDITATE. Scared to try? What if my mind overtakes? It definitely will... as someone who put this off for 37 years, I am testament that it works. I just keeping plugging away. I noticed a difference within weeks by sticking at it for a mere 10 mins a day. Now I REALLY notice if I don't meditate. I'm much calmer, more patient as a parent, go with the flow more, less anxious, my body feels better, my breathing is better, my overall decision making is more intuitive and less rushed. It's the best SLOWING down technique you can do and so so so good for you. I started with a free app called CALM... did the intro 7 days of calm and boom... then the 30 day program and then everyday! 

If you have any other tips you want to share, jump on instagram and share them with us. 


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