Like many of you, Noonie & I have been trying to think of ideas to share the love (in a small but helpful way) for those affected by this Virus! We have decided to be inspired by one of our fave movies: Pay It Forward! 

So for the first in this instalment we are going to Pay It Forward for those on the front line of this virus: health care professionals! So if you know a Nurse, Doctor or Ambulance/ Paramedic worker who could do with some cheering up, please nominate them via this email with the below. 

1. Their full name & contact email address or phone number 

2. Their profession? Are they a nurse, doctor or paramedic? 

3. Your name & email 

4. A lil message from you to them 

We will pick THREE health care professionals at random and contact them to let them know that you have nominated them to win this SuperCool gift with your message. 

They will have a special HEALTH gift pack sent to them: $50 gift pack from us, TheSuperCool and $50 gift pack from Moses & Co (the awesome health food store in the South Melbourne Market) 

Just in case you were wondering, we will NOT add your email or their email to our mailing list (this is legit - we're not trying to scam anyone!) 

So let's share the love and reward these special people helping our community!

If you like this idea & are a business who wants to partner up with us, we'll be doing a new version of this every week for the moment! Contact us here... 

If you're following this on instagram: the hashtag is #payitforwardsupercoolstyle

Nominations Close Saturday 11 April Midnight 

Winners will be notified directly on Sunday 12 April (evening) + announced on Instagram!



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