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Lately, I've been getting into podcasts - like ALOT! I'm pretty late to the game on this but finding time bymyself to listen to audio with a newborn proved difficult. As Luna is a bit older now, I've been listening to podcasts when I walk her in the pram and when I pick up Lola from school. During Isolation, I also listened to podcasts whilst doing personal deliveries for our SuperCool community! So I've found a few podcasts I've really been loving and wanted to share them with you all.

1. The Grace Tales - Georgie Abay host, editor + author of The Grace Tales website / online mag interviews some diverse mainly Aussie people covering all sorts of topics related to motherhood: i.e. Parenting, post-natal depletion, how to stop people pleasing, mindfulness and transformation, sisterhood and birth order! Fave's are: Jacqui Lewis, Teresa Palmer & Caitlin Cady. 

2. Lady Start Up - Mama Mia presents all sorts of inspiring women who have begun biz's. My fave interview thus far has been the creator of Canva, "Melanie Perkins". 

3. Second Life - Created by Hillary Kerr of Who What Wear and based in LA, this podcast interviews mainly Americans who have pivoted from one career to another.  Some of my faves have been Miranda Kerr, Justina Blakeney, Reese Witherspoon and Cindy Crawford on their respective changes from one career to another. 

4. Jumbled Loves a Chat - Pip has some great convo's with inspiring women from many different industries but mainly small biz about their lives and lessons learned! Fave's have been Phoebe from Sage + Clare, Rachel Castle, Jane Cay from Birdsnest. 

5. Imprint by Natalie Walton - Natalie has curated a gentle, inspiring bunch of women who have chosen to lead a slower, quieter life. She shares their stories as to why and how. Faves have been Courtney Adamo & Emma Lane. 

6. Offline - Alison Rice interviews a variety of people with Instagram profiles but likes to peel the layers behind their edited persona.  She interviews experts on sleep, facing fears, post-natal depression, human design, Ayurveda and what success means to them. Faves have been Kelly Muller, Pip Edwards, Deborah Hutton and Jacyln Michelle. 

I'm discovering new podcasts all the time, so I will edit this list as I find more that I dig but if you have any you recommend, please share! 



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