Spotlight on Mr Kitly x Decor Self Watering Pots!


BRAND NAME: Mr Kitly x Decor


DESCRIBE MR KITLY IN 3 WORDS:  A shop upstairs

HOW DID THE COLLABORATION BETWEEN DECOR & MR KITLY BEGIN?  I reached out to Decor a few years ago as I was a long term fan of the design,  from way back in the 80s and 90s I remember seeing them in my Grandma’s house and greenhouse. I wanted to reintroduce that enduring and classic design to the current generation of indoor plant fans.

WAS IT IMPORTANT TO YOU TO CREATE SOMETHING THAT IS MADE IN MELBOURNE?  That they are made in Melbourne is truly a great bonus. I mean, how great that such a well made and iconic design has been made in a Melbourne factory since the 80s and it is still so. In general though I am city agnostic in may ways, what is equally important to me is that the production process is transparent and all of the people involved in bringing the product about are working in good conditions. Though the very short ‘plant pot miles’ involved in transporting this particular product is pretty ace. 

WHAT HAS THE RESPONSE BEEN LIKE SINCE YOU LAUNCHED THIS? Overwhelming positive! It’s really great to see the love for them and to see how plant fans have embraced them as part of  their indoor gardens, carefully selecting plants and colours.


WE PERSONALLY HAD BLACK THUMBS & SINCE USING THE SELF WATERING POTS HAVE BECOME GREEN THUMBS! WE GET A LOT OF CUSTOMERS SAYING THE SAME THING. WAS IT A BYPRODUCT OF CREATING SUCH A SIMPLE IDEA OR STRATEGIC?  That’s nice to hear! That’s down to well thought out design, the original designer, Richard Carlson was a highly respected designer and he worked with horticulturalists to refine the design.

YOU'VE AUTHORED A BOOK - LIVING WITH PLANTS - HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THE EXPLOSION OF INDOOR PLANTS INDUSTRY?  It’s really interesting to see the popularity of indoor plants grow and grow - when we opened in 2010 it was a bit left of field and it took quite a bit of effort and research to seek out growers specialising in indoor plants.  Since then it has exploded absolutely, which is great because it’s really nice to think that indoor plants have regained their place proudly in so many homes again. Heartwarming. 

WHAT'S NEXT FOR MR KITLY? ANYMORE COLLABORATIONS? WILL WE SEE MORE COLOURS/SHAPES OF THE SELF WATERING POTS?   Yes for sure, new collections will be on the drawing board I am sure!

Check out the ace range of Mr Kitly x Decor Self Watering Pots here. 




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