BRAND NAME: Phoenix and the Fox

DESIGNER: Jennifer Green

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN IN BUSINESS: I started studying fashion and textile design when I was 17. I have been in the industry for over 10 years. 

DESCRIBE PHOENIX & THE FOX IN 3 WORDS:  Unique, Comfortable, Fashion

PHOENIX & THE FOX IS ETHICALLY MADE IN CHINA & INDIA, HOW DID THIS COME ABOUT? YOU'VE ALSO CHOSEN TO USE ORGANIC COTTON? WAS THIS ALWAYS YOUR MANIFESTO OR A CHOICE THAT EVOLVED? Using organic cotton and having a transparent manufacturing process was important to me from the start. In the beginning of my fashion career I travelled to China and over the years I have seen some pretty poor conditions. Consumer outlooks have changed since then. We are now asking where was this made, and we question when something is too cheap. Seeing jeans in discount department stores priced at $7 scares me! It is now not hard to make sure the factory you chose looks after their employees with fair pay and working conditions.

YOU A TRAINED TEXTILE DESIGNER. WE LOVE HOW YOU CHOOSE THEMES EACH SEASON (GAME OF THRONES, ROMEO & JULIET)  WHILST STILL KEEPING YOUR BEST SELLERS ALIVE.  HOW DO YOU COME UP WITH A THEME?  I’m inspired by everything around me: POP culture, the art world, and probably most of all, my two boys Phoenix and Teddy.  My love of fashion of course comes into it, I’m constantly looking at the latest fashion shows and I have my go to blogs.

The Tokyo Club for example, started with seeing a street shot of a Japanese girl at fashion week holding a lucky cat mobile phone case. The crazy colours and the kitschness went on to inspire a Luck Cat print that evolved to everything Japanese. 




YOU ARE A MUM OF 2 BOYS. HOW HAVE YOU FOUND MANAGING YOUR TIME SINCE BECOMING A MUM AND GROWING THE BRAND? It is very difficult. I am lucky enough to have a very supportive husband and parents who live close by.

WE OFTEN GET ASKED "DOES THIS COME IN ADULT SIZE?" WHEN SHOWING THE RANGE INSTORE. DO YOU EVER PLAN TO DO ADULT SIZING? I get asked this a lot! I would LOVE to venture into adult sizes. Especially for the jackets. I love a bit of matchy dressing with your kids.   Watch this space… 


Instagram definitely!  



HAVE YOU EVER BEEN COPIED? THE INDUSTRY IS SUFFERING WITH THE LIKES OF ALI EXPRESS AND BIG CORPORATES BLATANTLY COPYING SMALL BRANDS LIKE YOUR'S. WHAT CAN YOU DO ABOUT IT? Yes, my prints are copied all the time. Not exact copies, but I can definitely tell they have been heavily influenced by my prints and ideas. They say that copying is the highest form of flattery, but honestly it really burns me.  So much goes in to designing a collection from the original idea in your head, to seeing it come alive on paper, to the clothing, and then seeing a stranger in the street wearing your label. The design process really takes on a life of it’s own. It’s a real shame when someone tries to copy and paste this with amateur results.  The only way I can combat it is to stay true to my design process and always having something fresh and exciting each season.

WHAT'S NEXT FOR PHOENIX & THE FOX?  To continue being inspired my boys and enjoy creating clothes that kids love to wear.