The move towards Fairtrade & Handmade Homewares


We've been in business for nearly six years and during this time we've seen lots of trends come and go but we've noticed one trend we hope is here to stay; the move towards knowing where and how your products are made. 

We've had both the customer asking questions and the brands promoting their goods origins more and more in the last 12 months in particular.  We're so impressed with how many brands are offering products that are fairtrade yet still at reasonable prices. 

We stock many brands that are handmade, fairtrade, ethically made, sustainable, recyclable or use organic ingredients/ fabrics. 

One such example is The Baba Tree baskets. These incredible baskets are not only works of art designed to infuse your home or space with character and colour but they are made lovingly by artisans in Ghana.  The Baba Tree is a company run by an Aussie expat and based in Ghana where they work with local artisans and photograph each finished piece with its creator. 


Not only are they paid fairly for their work, but they get to promote their craft. From tiny shoppers to baby moses baskets, drum baskets to laundry baskets - there is a basket for everyone in this range and they are so bright and colourful. The work that goes into each one is incredible. They are super sturdy and resilient. 

We are super proud to be stocking these SuperCool baskets. Come instore and check them out for yourself. 


We also stock a variety of other homewares we've listed their credentials below.

(so you can buy with confidence) 

Click on each brand to see their ranges we have in stock....


Olli Ella baskets  (Fairtrade and Handmade) 

Fiona Walker Felt Wall Heads (Fairtrade and Handmade) 

Phoenix & The Fox Kids Clothing (Organic cotton & Ethically made)

Kapow Kids Clothing  (Ethically made)

Donsje leather kids accessories (Fairtrade and Handmade)

Carlie Ballard Baby Kids Clothing (Fairtrade)

Missa Made It Bibs (Handmade and Australian Made) Coming Soon.... 

Oomph & Floss Kids clothing (Fairtrade & organic cotton)

Trixie Kids Clothing (Organic cotton)

Alchemy Candles (Handmade and Australian Made)

Damselfly Candles (Handmade and Australian Made)

Fiona Loves (Handmade and Australian made) 

Langdon Ltd Textiles & Accessories (Handmade & ethically made)

Mr Kitly x Decor Self Watering Pots (Australian made) 

Solid State Solid Cologne (Australian made)

The Adventures of Co (Australian made and handmade)

AHD Paper Co (Australian made and handmade)

You, Me & Bones (Australian made and handmade)

Uashmama (Handmade) 


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