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We're Hiring!

By Kate Vandermeer
on March 10, 2016
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TheSuperCool and TheSuperCool Kid is looking for 1 Casual Retail Sales Person who is:

* SuperCool (in personal presentation, in personality and vibe)

* Has a strong retail sales background in customer service 

* Is creative as a hobby or as job (an ability to merchandise & style stock is a plus as is the ability to do instagram styled shots - not essential but a definite bonus)

* Is available some week days and definitely available on weekends 

* Likes working within a small business where your role is varied (sales, barcoding stock, merchandising stock, customer sales and cleaning)

* Is open to and available to help us with preparation and participation in our many pop up's (unpacking, setting up, selling and packing) 

* Can work / relate to many ages (TheSuperCool Kid attracts lots of toddlers, kids and young parents) as well as creative people of all ages in our main store, TheSuperCool.

* The ability to help people style their space; we have lots of customers wanting creative advice to make their space SuperCool so an ability to help them make their space great is a bonus. 


1. What is a random fact about yourself that would be interesting to us? 

2. What are your fave top 3 shops? (can be clothes, accessories or homewares & lifestyle)

3. Which brands do you admire & why? (any kind of brand - tech, food, skincare, clothing, hotels, homewares etc)

4. Tell us 3 reasons TheSuperCool should hire you!


1. Email the below to

* Resume

* Casual headshot photo (just so we can put a face to a name when reviewing resumes)

* Answers to SuperCool Qu's (see above) 

2. We will review all resumes received after the deadline and contact everyone who applies with a yes or no.

3. If yes, we will meet you to have a chat and if successful, you'll do a couple of trials.


APPLICATIONS CLOSE 24 MARCH 2016 (but early applications are looked upon with extra credit!!) 

TheSuperCool Kid Pop Up

By Kate Vandermeer
on September 28, 2015
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Does your little one want to be a SuperCool Kid? They can with our new pop up shop "TheSuperCool Kid" dedicated to all things baby and toddler. Think ice cream printed drop crotch pants, tee pee rompers, leopard print pre-walker leather shoes, batman mask wall decals, flamingo wooden shelves, gold stripes bibs, hand made mini superhero rattles and more....

We have toys, gifts, interior ideas, clothing for up age 2, shoes, books and decorations as well as storage.

Location: South Melbourne Market (right next door to our existing shop within SO:ME Space) Enter from Cecil Street right near Simply Spanish and we're on the corner. 

Hours: Wed 8-4, Fri 8-5, Sat 8-4, Sun 8-4 

Duration: Launched Sat 26 September for a couple of months 

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