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Press Update: TheSuperCool

By David Nunez
on September 16, 2013
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It's been a while since we've done an update as we tend to do them more regularly on social media but here's a list of our latest press for your enjoyment!

Inside Out Magazine - September Issue Feature about our new shop at Westfield Doncaster

The Design Blend - A great design blog that did a "Hidden Gems" feature on us.

Show & Tell Online - A feature about our new shop at Westfield Doncaster and interview.

Age Life & Style lift out - A feature article about the modern weddings featuring us.

The Block - We were fortunate to have product featured in Matt & Kim's apartment as well as 2 features on the show.

Feature 1 -  Fast Forward to 18:05 mins for our 1-2 minute cameo.

Feature 2 

Broadsheet - Part of their updated Melbourne Directory of shops to visit.

Life Instyle Blog - Retailer Meet & Greet 

Show & Tell Online - Fave Finds of the Week - our Toothbrush Holder! 

TheSuperCool Press Update March 2013

By David Nunez
on March 14, 2013
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online GW-gg-pt-2-w


collect mag cover

collect magazine

balloons heather m mag

balloons m mag

habitus 2 article

habitus article

We've been super fortunate to have some amazing press in the last couple of months.

The lovely team from The Good Weekend, put togethor an affordable Christmas Gift Guide and included quite a few pieces from our range. See the pages above.

We also had the SuperCool crew from Habitus Living do an  indepth Q&A  with us on their incredible design magazine online as well as ask us some  Design Hunter questions  on behalf of Mini.

And a  great review  from the guys from Small Werld. Collect magazine from Adelaide gave us a  double page spread  (yippee!) in Issue 11 of their magazine.

House & Garden chose one of our cool printed tea towels for their editorial pages.

The M Magazine featured some of our Hot Air Balloons in their lifestyle pages...Thanks to the stylish  Heather Nette King !

What else could you ask for?

Press Love: October Update

By David Nunez
on October 10, 2012
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Wow... this last month has been a pretty awesome one for us with some amazing press. Inside Out Magazine's new issue and 100th Issue (Happy Birthday.. you're looking so fine for such an age Inside Out!) features our South Melbourne Shop and a bit of a story about us as well. We're well excited about this and we're in some fine company once you read through the magazine.

We also had one of our favourite magazines Anthology write up about us and feature our time lapse video from Doncaster Westfield on their blog. Anthology is not only an ace internationally acclaimed mag about diy, interiors, craft, design and lifestyle but its one of our fave magazines we sell at TheSuperCool so we're rapt to be included in their blog!

We also had our Mr & Mrs signs featured in the Bride to Be issue - (thanks ladies) and a great write up by Home Style File about our concept with an amazing imagery montage! We're so lucky!

July Update of Press Features for TheSuperCool

By David Nunez
on July 19, 2012
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We've had one helluva month of amazing press and we're pretty excited about it!  Here's a round up of the most recent press.

* Real Living Editorial - We had two products featured in the July issue of Real Living - The Words of Wisdom Business Maxims Print ( available to purchase here ) and the Upcycled map hoops ( available here ) as seen in the two top images. Thanks Real Living. Nice styling.

* Coolhunting Article - Thanks to Fiona Killackey for the great interview/article - we were pretty thrilled to be featured on Coolhunting.

* We heart Article - This UK based trend site also did an interview with us.

* Monkey Zen - This article popped up - we're not sure how... but hey... its in Spanish from Madrid!

* Jackie Magpie - This article reviews our branding by Studio Alto and our concept. Nice work Jackie Magpie.

* Paper Heart Weddings - A wedding blog that featured the various wedding related unique styling we can offer. Looks good!

* Sydney Morning Herald - Best of Australia - 50 Unforgettable Adventures & we're one of those adventures!

Vogue Living featured us!! (and other media news updates)

By David Nunez
on May 14, 2012
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So... we feel like we've finally hit the big time now... Vogue Living did a feature article on us! We were very fortunate that the lovely Melbourne Editor Georgie Bean approach us late last year for an interview and some further info on who we are, what we're about etc. We're also pretty excited they're title is "The Cool Kids". If you'd like to get the magazine, its the latest issue "May & June" and its on sale now.

In other Media & Press updates...

1. Tribe Katalyst did a blog review of her time at The Finders Keepers and we were featured.

2. The Weekly Review wrote up about us as part of their Creative Couples article in their print edition - you can read about it here on the web version.

3. The Finders Keepers blog write up about our visit to the Melbourne market.

4. The Knot is a wedding website dedicated to all things matrimonial... and we were super happy to see our name on there!

5. Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily wrote up about our new online store.

6. Adore blog featured our online store launch.

7. Heather Nette King - stylist of all things fantastic in the world of interiors featured some of our product in her shoot for The Age M Magazine and she wrote up about us on her blog as well.

8. A Norwegian blogger found out about us - don't ask me how... and I think wrote something flattering - hard to tell as my grasp on Norwegian is somewhat limited to ... hmm.. nada!

Press Update - April 2012

By David Nunez
on April 02, 2012
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So we have had some serious Press love of late. On a sincere note, we really couldn't continue to move around as much as we do without the media and press support. From established weekly papers to online event guides to independent blogs. We really and truly appreciate all your support.

Here's a round up if you missed anything (or care to find out more!)

frankie magazine online: Pretty exciting to be included in the originators of making craft cool again!

Broadsheet: St Ali and Great Dane - We are stoked to have not 1 but 2 write up's in as little as 1 month from Broadsheet!

Habitus living online : A benchmark of streamlined, informative interior info.

Insider Retailing online: The business end of the interiors and retail gave us props! yay.

Mel hot or not: Love Mel's review on our latest location at Great Dane & her photos!

L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival: As part of our collab as a participant of the Cultural program.

Spook Mag online: A great article and point of view of our concept.

The Thousands: Always love their tongue in cheek reviews.

Three Nations blog: This is our lovely friend & 1 of our photographer Marsha Golemac's blog. Well worth a visit.

Everguide: THE guide to what's going on.

Style Melbourne: Apparently we were 1 of the 10 things not to miss out on during LMFF! Lucky us.

Milk Bar Mag: A great review as well.

Scout print mag: A really great feature in an equally great print mag for what to do in South Melbourne.

TheSuperCool has been spotted.....

By David Nunez
on February 06, 2012
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So we've noticed we've been popping up on some of our favourite websites, blogs and some unexpected one's too. Yay for us! Here's a run down.

1. We discovered this superfab digital homes magazine & blog called Adore magazine . With pages of ideas for your casa, lots of interesting industry icons interviewed and some great imagery... we're pretty excited to not only have a full page ad in their mag but a blog post and some editorial as well.

2. You can't really be a true melbournite if you haven't read Michi girl's weather & fashion forecasts can you? We've popped up on their noticeboard with details about our 2 locations - SO:ME space and St Ali.

3. The great affordable art website called Signed & Numbered wrote quite a flattering review of our latest location.

4. We've been nominated as 1 of the 13 must see events on the Style Melbourne website for the L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival.

5. After tweeting about the new Anthology magazines we're stocking, Kitty Baroque did a blog post and took some great pics of our current location. Bless!

More Press Love

By David Nunez
on December 14, 2011
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Our heads are well and truly larger than our bodies with all this awesome press action we've been getting.

Here's a round up of the latest mentions and articles.

The Thousands - We're bringing "carnies" back and making it SuperCool!

Melbourne Central Living Melbourne online mag - We're honoured to have a 4 page spread!

Melbourne First Hand - A great new addition to the blogging scene where a reviewer takes it personal. 

My Secret Agent Lover Man - A blog with a very curious title that caught our interest.

The Collective Edit - A blog with an artistic fetish

What time is it? Bragging o'clock!

By David Nunez
on November 23, 2011
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Image - Marsha Golemac

So we've been a bit lucky and had some really flattering press since we launched TheSuperCool and we thought it only fair that we shared the love back to those who looked after us.

Listed in date order of publication.

Daily Addict 


Real Living

Broadsheet Scout

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