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Conscious Brands

By Kate Vandermeer
on July 08, 2020
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Earlier this year, Noonie + I discussed what we wanted this year "2020" to be about for our biz. We wanted to bring more CONSCIOUSNESS + CONNECTION to TheSuperCool.

As a result, we've asked some of our brands to do short video's about what they're doing to be more CONSCIOUS as a brand in relation to climate control + social responsibility.  When watching and listening to these it dawned on me how important it is to share these stories with our customers and the community. 

We had planned to launch this in March and then a lil thing called COVID happened! So we've had a slightly delayed launch for this concept! 

We figure, if you're going to buy a gift for a family member or friend or new baby etc, you'd like for your purchase to have a dual purpose (providing joy for the receiver )but also supporting a small business and the brand that made the product in the process! Hopefully this video series will help you feel like your dollar spend really does count! 

We're kicking this off with Halcyon Nights - our fave kids brand. It's seriously the CUTEST video. You just need to jump over to our instagram to watch the video. We'll also have a SAVED Instagram Highlight area for watching all of these.

Each week we'll share a new story. YAY!

We'd love your feedback on these and if you could share these with others you think might appreciate it, we would love that too! 


Pay It Forward: Amazing Mums

By Kate Vandermeer
on June 13, 2020
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How great are Mum's? Particularly during Isolation. Playing peace keeper, organising ALL the snacks, homeschooling, dealing with all the MESS, trying to make meals stretch, trying to keep some sense of harmony in the casa and allowing emotions to be felt! 

For this month's Pay It Forward Campaign, we are focusing on Amazing Mum's who have done it tough during Isolation. 

If you want to nominate an Amazing Mum, follow the guidelines below and 3 x winners will be drawn at random and win a $100 gift pack. $50 gift voucher from us and a Beaker Candle by our mates at Alchemy Produx worth $50. 

Click here to email your nomination.... 

1. Your name and Email

2. Your nominations Name + Email or Mobile 

2. A lil message from you to them as to why they are amazing

Entries close Sun 21 June at Midnight. Winners will be drawn Monday 22 June. 

* Please note your email and your nominations email will not be added to any mailing lists - we're legit!  




Podcasts we're digging!

By Kate Vandermeer
on May 30, 2020
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Lately, I've been getting into podcasts - like ALOT! I'm pretty late to the game on this but finding time bymyself to listen to audio with a newborn proved difficult. As Luna is a bit older now, I've been listening to podcasts when I walk her in the pram and when I pick up Lola from school. During Isolation, I also listened to podcasts whilst doing personal deliveries for our SuperCool community! So I've found a few podcasts I've really been loving and wanted to share them with you all.

1. The Grace Tales - Georgie Abay host, editor + author of The Grace Tales website / online mag interviews some diverse mainly Aussie people covering all sorts of topics related to motherhood: i.e. Parenting, post-natal depletion, how to stop people pleasing, mindfulness and transformation, sisterhood and birth order! Fave's are: Jacqui Lewis, Teresa Palmer & Caitlin Cady. 

2. Lady Start Up - Mama Mia presents all sorts of inspiring women who have begun biz's. My fave interview thus far has been the creator of Canva, "Melanie Perkins". 

3. Second Life - Created by Hillary Kerr of Who What Wear and based in LA, this podcast interviews mainly Americans who have pivoted from one career to another.  Some of my faves have been Miranda Kerr, Justina Blakeney, Reese Witherspoon and Cindy Crawford on their respective changes from one career to another. 

4. Jumbled Loves a Chat - Pip has some great convo's with inspiring women from many different industries but mainly small biz about their lives and lessons learned! Fave's have been Phoebe from Sage + Clare, Rachel Castle, Jane Cay from Birdsnest. 

5. Imprint by Natalie Walton - Natalie has curated a gentle, inspiring bunch of women who have chosen to lead a slower, quieter life. She shares their stories as to why and how. Faves have been Courtney Adamo & Emma Lane. 

6. Offline - Alison Rice interviews a variety of people with Instagram profiles but likes to peel the layers behind their edited persona.  She interviews experts on sleep, facing fears, post-natal depression, human design, Ayurveda and what success means to them. Faves have been Kelly Muller, Pip Edwards, Deborah Hutton and Jacyln Michelle. 

I'm discovering new podcasts all the time, so I will edit this list as I find more that I dig but if you have any you recommend, please share! 


Creating a Calm Casa

By Kate Vandermeer
on May 13, 2020
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Setting the mood.... so important for creating the right vibe for the whole casa!

(Particularly at the moment in Isolation!)

Come 6:30-7ish, I put lamps on & turn off all bright lights... I have our diffusor going throughout the day so the house smells amazing and often burn candles 🕯 at night when the kiddies are asleep to relax our parental bodies!!

The oils I love to use are listed below:

1. Upper Oil - great for mornings, focus + homeschooling, getting it done! Upper oil has woody + citrus oils which make it grounding + uplifting! Boom 💥

2. Centre Oil - perfect for baths, chilling, night time wind down... (pure lavender: so its super relaxing!) Great for calming tantrumy kids!

3. Downer Oil - great to put on your feet + wrists before meditation, yoga or bed! The ultimate mix of relaxing oils inc Patchouli + Sandalwood (my faves)

4. Australian Native: Eucalyptus & Acacia
Wanna feel energised & also like you live in the bush? This oil is super uplifting but also fresh & a lil slice of “home”.


Click here to check them out...


By Kate Vandermeer
on May 09, 2020
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Like many of you, Noonie & I have been trying to think of ideas to share the love (in a small but helpful way) for those affected by this Virus! We have decided to be inspired by one of our fave movies: Pay It Forward! 

So for the third in this instalment we are going to Pay It Forward for those who are working with challenging circumstances with homeschooling: Teachers! Presented with new technology and ways to educate our kids, Teachers are really flexing their creativity muscles at the moment. We want to honour them for doing a great job in these times. 

So if you know an incredible teacher, please nominate them via this email with the below. 

1. Their full name & contact email address or school name & contact email address. 

2. Your name & email 

4. A lil message from you to them 

We will pick THREE TEACHERS at random and contact them to let them know that you have nominated them to win this SuperCool gift with your message. 

3 Teachers will WIN $100 worth of Gift Vouchers: $50 from us and $50 from our friends at Jones & Co (the home of the rad face vases and one of our beloved brands we work with!)

Just in case you were wondering, we will NOT add your email or their email to our mailing list (this is legit - we're not trying to scam anyone!) 

So let's share the love and reward these special people helping our community!

If you like this idea & are a business who wants to partner up with us, we'll be doing a new version of this every week for the moment! Contact us here... 

If you're following this on instagram: the hashtag is #payitforwardsupercoolstyle

Nominations Close Sunday 17 May.  

Winners will be notified directly on Sunday 17 May (evening) + announced on Instagram!


By Kate Vandermeer
on February 01, 2020
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TheSuperCool presents PLAYTIME! 
Bring your pre-schooler along for Games, Stories & Rhymetime:
* Parent supervision required
* Free Fruit platter provided by Frank's Quality Fruit & Vegetables 
* Local Coffee Prices by Clement Coffee
* Every 2nd Wednesday at 11am -11:30am 
* Location: Next to the Cubby House outside TheSuperCool
Wed 12 Feb 11am - 11:30am (done) 
Wed 26 Feb 11am - 11:30am (done) 
Wed 11 Mar  11am - 11:30am (done) 
Wed 25 Mar  11am - 11:30am CANCELLED INSTORE but we'll be recording some stories & rhymes on our Instagram page for you to watch anytime you want. Check out & follow our instagram for more info. 

Spotlight on Mr Kitly x Decor Self Watering Pots!

By Kate Vandermeer
on July 06, 2017
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BRAND NAME: Mr Kitly x Decor


DESCRIBE MR KITLY IN 3 WORDS:  A shop upstairs

HOW DID THE COLLABORATION BETWEEN DECOR & MR KITLY BEGIN?  I reached out to Decor a few years ago as I was a long term fan of the design,  from way back in the 80s and 90s I remember seeing them in my Grandma’s house and greenhouse. I wanted to reintroduce that enduring and classic design to the current generation of indoor plant fans.

WAS IT IMPORTANT TO YOU TO CREATE SOMETHING THAT IS MADE IN MELBOURNE?  That they are made in Melbourne is truly a great bonus. I mean, how great that such a well made and iconic design has been made in a Melbourne factory since the 80s and it is still so. In general though I am city agnostic in may ways, what is equally important to me is that the production process is transparent and all of the people involved in bringing the product about are working in good conditions. Though the very short ‘plant pot miles’ involved in transporting this particular product is pretty ace. 

WHAT HAS THE RESPONSE BEEN LIKE SINCE YOU LAUNCHED THIS? Overwhelming positive! It’s really great to see the love for them and to see how plant fans have embraced them as part of  their indoor gardens, carefully selecting plants and colours.


WE PERSONALLY HAD BLACK THUMBS & SINCE USING THE SELF WATERING POTS HAVE BECOME GREEN THUMBS! WE GET A LOT OF CUSTOMERS SAYING THE SAME THING. WAS IT A BYPRODUCT OF CREATING SUCH A SIMPLE IDEA OR STRATEGIC?  That’s nice to hear! That’s down to well thought out design, the original designer, Richard Carlson was a highly respected designer and he worked with horticulturalists to refine the design.

YOU'VE AUTHORED A BOOK - LIVING WITH PLANTS - HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THE EXPLOSION OF INDOOR PLANTS INDUSTRY?  It’s really interesting to see the popularity of indoor plants grow and grow - when we opened in 2010 it was a bit left of field and it took quite a bit of effort and research to seek out growers specialising in indoor plants.  Since then it has exploded absolutely, which is great because it’s really nice to think that indoor plants have regained their place proudly in so many homes again. Heartwarming. 

WHAT'S NEXT FOR MR KITLY? ANYMORE COLLABORATIONS? WILL WE SEE MORE COLOURS/SHAPES OF THE SELF WATERING POTS?   Yes for sure, new collections will be on the drawing board I am sure!

Check out the ace range of Mr Kitly x Decor Self Watering Pots here. 



Spotlight on Kapow Kids!

By Kate Vandermeer
on June 23, 2017
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BRAND NAME: Kapow Kids  

DESIGNER: Andrea Goulding


DESCRIBE KAPOW IN 3 WORDS: fun, quirky, different     

KAPOW IS ETHICALLY MADE IN CHINA & VIETNAM, HOW DID THIS COME ABOUT? Can you elaborate more? (working conditions, did you join an organisation, was it hard to find makers who were ethically made?)

I work with my production manager, Kristy, who is based in Sydney. She has been in the rag trade for many years and established good relationships with top factories in China and Vietnam.  I pay a premium price for my garments, but they are good quality, made ethically and made slowly by our 2 small factories, they're never rushed. Each range takes over 6 months to produce. My production manager has done all the hard work in sourcing my factories, she travels there to meet them regularly and ensures everything runs smoothly for my ranges.


I think maybe Instagram is what has caused KaPow to explode. I'm still quite small though, I know it can look big from the outside but honestly it's just me working from home. All the stock is at home in a spare room. I pack every order myself. I don't really want it to get too big because I can manage it easily. That's why I don't try to take on too many stockists now.



1. Let your personality show through your posts. People love the brand but people also love engaging with another mum - I am a pretty down to earth person and I personally respond to pretty much every comment I receive on Insta; I think people love that they are talking to a real person.

2. Post every day, at a peak time when your audience is most likely to view your posts. For me I try to post after 7pm each day as thats when mums are usually free to sit down and look at their phone after the kids are in bed.

3. Encourage customers to post and tag you in their photos, use brand reps and enthusiasts to create content.  


Yes it has. When I first had a baby (6 years ago) their wasn't much children's fashion around, or it was all quite the same and conservative. Fashion in Australia and worldwide has grown so much for kids - I think because of Instagram? Mums love dressing their kids up and showing them off on Instagram I think. Certain brands have achieved cult status and fashion loving parents want to be a part of the brand.  There is so much variety in clothing now and as a mum I love buying cool, independent brands for my 2 children, its a fun way to express their little personalities. 

Check out Kapow Kids Range for yourself here. 




TheSuperCool Kid Pop Up

By Kate Vandermeer
on September 28, 2015
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Does your little one want to be a SuperCool Kid? They can with our new pop up shop "TheSuperCool Kid" dedicated to all things baby and toddler. Think ice cream printed drop crotch pants, tee pee rompers, leopard print pre-walker leather shoes, batman mask wall decals, flamingo wooden shelves, gold stripes bibs, hand made mini superhero rattles and more....

We have toys, gifts, interior ideas, clothing for up age 2, shoes, books and decorations as well as storage.

Location: South Melbourne Market (right next door to our existing shop within SO:ME Space) Enter from Cecil Street right near Simply Spanish and we're on the corner. 

Hours: Wed 8-4, Fri 8-5, Sat 8-4, Sun 8-4 

Duration: Launched Sat 26 September for a couple of months 

Vote for us in the 2015 Melbourne Market Awards

By Kate Vandermeer
on September 09, 2015
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We are super excited that its time to defend our 2 winning titles from last years very successful Melbourne Market Awards.

We won the below awards:

Best General Merchandise Category in all Melbourne Markets 

Favourite Shop in all Melbourne Markets in all categories (woot woot!)

So this year, we are under a lot of pressure to do it all again! 

If you would be so kind as to vote, not only will you have an abundance of good karma, but you will go in the draw to win 4 x $500 vouchers to spend in the markets! (that's a lot of fruit & veges or $$ to shop with us!!) 

What you need to do to help us win! It takes around 2-3 mins to complete.

1. Go to this link.

2. Select Vote Now

3. Select "General Merchandise" category

4. Select "TheSuperCool"

5. Write your name, email, phone (optional) and postcode

6. Select how you heard about awards (vendor or social media)

7. Select if you wish to join their newsletter or not

8. Accept terms & conditions & submit 


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