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Spotlight on Mr Kitly x Decor Self Watering Pots!

By Kate Vandermeer
on July 06, 2017
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BRAND NAME: Mr Kitly x Decor


DESCRIBE MR KITLY IN 3 WORDS:  A shop upstairs

HOW DID THE COLLABORATION BETWEEN DECOR & MR KITLY BEGIN?  I reached out to Decor a few years ago as I was a long term fan of the design,  from way back in the 80s and 90s I remember seeing them in my Grandma’s house and greenhouse. I wanted to reintroduce that enduring and classic design to the current generation of indoor plant fans.

WAS IT IMPORTANT TO YOU TO CREATE SOMETHING THAT IS MADE IN MELBOURNE?  That they are made in Melbourne is truly a great bonus. I mean, how great that such a well made and iconic design has been made in a Melbourne factory since the 80s and it is still so. In general though I am city agnostic in may ways, what is equally important to me is that the production process is transparent and all of the people involved in bringing the product about are working in good conditions. Though the very short ‘plant pot miles’ involved in transporting this particular product is pretty ace. 

WHAT HAS THE RESPONSE BEEN LIKE SINCE YOU LAUNCHED THIS? Overwhelming positive! It’s really great to see the love for them and to see how plant fans have embraced them as part of  their indoor gardens, carefully selecting plants and colours.


WE PERSONALLY HAD BLACK THUMBS & SINCE USING THE SELF WATERING POTS HAVE BECOME GREEN THUMBS! WE GET A LOT OF CUSTOMERS SAYING THE SAME THING. WAS IT A BYPRODUCT OF CREATING SUCH A SIMPLE IDEA OR STRATEGIC?  That’s nice to hear! That’s down to well thought out design, the original designer, Richard Carlson was a highly respected designer and he worked with horticulturalists to refine the design.

YOU'VE AUTHORED A BOOK - LIVING WITH PLANTS - HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THE EXPLOSION OF INDOOR PLANTS INDUSTRY?  It’s really interesting to see the popularity of indoor plants grow and grow - when we opened in 2010 it was a bit left of field and it took quite a bit of effort and research to seek out growers specialising in indoor plants.  Since then it has exploded absolutely, which is great because it’s really nice to think that indoor plants have regained their place proudly in so many homes again. Heartwarming. 

WHAT'S NEXT FOR MR KITLY? ANYMORE COLLABORATIONS? WILL WE SEE MORE COLOURS/SHAPES OF THE SELF WATERING POTS?   Yes for sure, new collections will be on the drawing board I am sure!

Check out the ace range of Mr Kitly x Decor Self Watering Pots here. 



Spotlight on Kapow Kids!

By Kate Vandermeer
on June 23, 2017
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BRAND NAME: Kapow Kids  

DESIGNER: Andrea Goulding


DESCRIBE KAPOW IN 3 WORDS: fun, quirky, different     

KAPOW IS ETHICALLY MADE IN CHINA & VIETNAM, HOW DID THIS COME ABOUT? Can you elaborate more? (working conditions, did you join an organisation, was it hard to find makers who were ethically made?)

I work with my production manager, Kristy, who is based in Sydney. She has been in the rag trade for many years and established good relationships with top factories in China and Vietnam.  I pay a premium price for my garments, but they are good quality, made ethically and made slowly by our 2 small factories, they're never rushed. Each range takes over 6 months to produce. My production manager has done all the hard work in sourcing my factories, she travels there to meet them regularly and ensures everything runs smoothly for my ranges.


I think maybe Instagram is what has caused KaPow to explode. I'm still quite small though, I know it can look big from the outside but honestly it's just me working from home. All the stock is at home in a spare room. I pack every order myself. I don't really want it to get too big because I can manage it easily. That's why I don't try to take on too many stockists now.



1. Let your personality show through your posts. People love the brand but people also love engaging with another mum - I am a pretty down to earth person and I personally respond to pretty much every comment I receive on Insta; I think people love that they are talking to a real person.

2. Post every day, at a peak time when your audience is most likely to view your posts. For me I try to post after 7pm each day as thats when mums are usually free to sit down and look at their phone after the kids are in bed.

3. Encourage customers to post and tag you in their photos, use brand reps and enthusiasts to create content.  


Yes it has. When I first had a baby (6 years ago) their wasn't much children's fashion around, or it was all quite the same and conservative. Fashion in Australia and worldwide has grown so much for kids - I think because of Instagram? Mums love dressing their kids up and showing them off on Instagram I think. Certain brands have achieved cult status and fashion loving parents want to be a part of the brand.  There is so much variety in clothing now and as a mum I love buying cool, independent brands for my 2 children, its a fun way to express their little personalities. 

Check out Kapow Kids Range for yourself here. 




TheSuperCool Kid Pop Up

By Kate Vandermeer
on September 28, 2015
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Does your little one want to be a SuperCool Kid? They can with our new pop up shop "TheSuperCool Kid" dedicated to all things baby and toddler. Think ice cream printed drop crotch pants, tee pee rompers, leopard print pre-walker leather shoes, batman mask wall decals, flamingo wooden shelves, gold stripes bibs, hand made mini superhero rattles and more....

We have toys, gifts, interior ideas, clothing for up age 2, shoes, books and decorations as well as storage.

Location: South Melbourne Market (right next door to our existing shop within SO:ME Space) Enter from Cecil Street right near Simply Spanish and we're on the corner. 

Hours: Wed 8-4, Fri 8-5, Sat 8-4, Sun 8-4 

Duration: Launched Sat 26 September for a couple of months 

Vote for us in the 2015 Melbourne Market Awards

By Kate Vandermeer
on September 09, 2015
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We are super excited that its time to defend our 2 winning titles from last years very successful Melbourne Market Awards.

We won the below awards:

Best General Merchandise Category in all Melbourne Markets 

Favourite Shop in all Melbourne Markets in all categories (woot woot!)

So this year, we are under a lot of pressure to do it all again! 

If you would be so kind as to vote, not only will you have an abundance of good karma, but you will go in the draw to win 4 x $500 vouchers to spend in the markets! (that's a lot of fruit & veges or $$ to shop with us!!) 

What you need to do to help us win! It takes around 2-3 mins to complete.

1. Go to this link.

2. Select Vote Now

3. Select "General Merchandise" category

4. Select "TheSuperCool"

5. Write your name, email, phone (optional) and postcode

6. Select how you heard about awards (vendor or social media)

7. Select if you wish to join their newsletter or not

8. Accept terms & conditions & submit 


Our next Pop Up Event: Sydney Finders Keepers Market

By Kate Vandermeer
on April 24, 2015
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Image design by the rad: James Gulliver Hancock 

We're super excited to be involved in the upcoming Sydney Finders Keepers Market. This market has grown to include more music, heaps of food options, craft, gifts, design and the best shopping around. PLUS, this year it falls on Mothers Day weekend. 

Where: Australian Technology Park Locomotive Workshop, Henderson Road, Eveleigh SYDNEY

When: Friday 8 May  6-10 pm Saturday 9 May 10-6pm Sunday 10-4pm 

Entry: $2 

You should totally pop by, as we don't take our mobile emporium to Sydney very often, so this is your best chance (except for making your credit card do some damage online) to see us in the flesh! 

See you there, Kate & Noonie 


Supergraph Pop Up Pics

By Kate Vandermeer
on February 28, 2015
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Thanks to the Supergraph crew for looking after us. We had a ball meeting all the creatives out there. Here are the pics from our Pop Up. 

The Big Design Market Pop Up

By Kate Vandermeer
on December 01, 2014
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We're super thrilled to announce our involvement in The Big Design Market this year. We wanted to be involved last year but a little person (Lola TheSuperCool ambassador) came along a bit earlier than planned so we couldn't make it.

We are doing our biggest pop up emporium ever at a market and can't wait to show you all our great Christmas goodies for this event.

We're right near the food trucks, so you can munch away whilst planning out your Christmas shopping! 


Friday 5 December 10- 9pm 

Saturday 6 December 10- 7pm

Sunday 7 December 10- 5pm 


Royal Exhibition Building Carlton

Entry: $2  

Find out more here

Endings & Beginnings

By David Nunez
on February 25, 2014
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We have some exciting news - we're opening our first Permanent shop in Fitzroy; location to be announced! More details to follow, but in April, you'll hear more from us!

As a result, our semi-permanent pop up at Westfield Doncaster is finishing up this Sunday 2 March. It's been a great 7 months and we'll be sad to leave, but all pop up's must come to an end!

Thanks to all our regulars at Westfield Doncaster - you'll have to come visit us in our new location or our South Melbourne shop or online!

Winners are Grinners

By David Nunez
on February 10, 2014
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We are super proud and excited to announce that we have won an amazing award; We are the Australian representative of the GIA Global Innovation Award honouring housewares retail excellence.  With only 20 country winners from over 5 continents, we can't believe our luck.

As part of our award , we are flown to Chicago in Mid March to compete for the global award and share our SuperCool brand of retail with our fellow nominees.

This award is one of the world’s leading awards program honouring overall excellence, business innovation and creative merchandising in homegoods retailing.

We can't wait to keep you informed about our upcoming trip to Chicago and to share some new brands we discover whilst over at the tradeshow.

Wish us luck!

Location 10: Westfield Doncaster

By David Nunez
on September 03, 2012
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We are EXTREMELY excited to announce our next location/collaboration - and it's the magic number 10 destination for our mobile emporium!

Call it serendipity or fate or whatever but we feel we were drawn to work with Westfield Doncaster . Back in January when we were thinking about where we'd love to take our mobile emporium during 2012, Westfield Doncaster was high on our wish list - as far as merging foot traffic and a luxurious shopping centre experience, we felt this was the right fit for our brand of retail. Then, some months later, we ran into David who bought something from us at our SO:ME Space pop up and happened to chat to us about how much he liked our concept and then he explained how he worked within the Westfield BrandSpace area.

After a few site visits and some chats with David & the Westfield team, we are now proud to be launching Monday 10 September! We are literally popping up in the middle of the shopping centre which has meant we've had to think creatively about not using walls, not being able to hang/ suspend anything and to somehow provide an inclusive, intimate shopping experience whilst still allowing customers walking by a glimpse into our shop.... not that easy.... but we've come up with what we think is a SUPERCOOL and exciting solution and we're really excited about showing you all the photo's or better still, letting you come on down and experience it for yourselves.

The details....

Dates: We launch Monday 10 September and finish up on Sunday 7 October - 1 whole month of 7 days a week retail (our feet are already feeling sore!)

Store Hours:  Monday - Wednesday - 9am to 5:30pm Thursday - Friday - 9am to 9pm Saturday - 9am to 6pm Sunday - 10am to 5pm

Where are we? We are in the middle of the walkway aisle at Ground Floor imbetween the Myer & David Jones passage – opposite the Blue Carpark entrance in the aisle on your way to Target (near Sussan’s). See the map above and take a snap with your phone so you can find us.

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